Muñeca Maron, A Fashion Flamenco Dream of a Pinwheel of Swirls

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Le salon du kat trunk show 107“It came to me in a dream, I woke up and it was there in my head. It was simple, but as I created it, realized it… It became a design simple and clear in mind like the universe but the construction was full of dilemmas” said designer/owner Monique Guzmán for Siren Skirts. “I started then stopped and put it to the side for months”, she continued. “Then it just came to me, perfect! Brilliant!”


“It was hard to let go” she continued.  She knew she would have other inspirations, other creations, that would come to her in an avalanche and consume her with passion as this one did.  She is so full of ideas in her head, that she feels her head is going to explode from them.  Monique is inspired by everything in this world. “Art is in everything you do”  ”Art is all around us” are some of her mottoes/quotes you will find her saying at any time.

JUNE SS 2011 068

Close up of attached rosette. Detailed rolled edging throughout

trio 2 muneca maron dream

Muneca Maron in motion. The dream realized and shared by the exhibitionist and the voyeur.

JUNE SS 2011 085





















“thoughts come into my head constantly.  They are so wild, crazy, I’ve never seen in real life. I ask myself how in the hell am I going to create that?”  the designer says.  She thinks, walks away for a moment  sometimes hours or days or months but then something just clicks.  ”Then its easy.”

JUNE SS 2011 072













trio muneca maron dream

Le salon du kat trunk show 131

Le salon du kat trunk show 132












Leave them Spellbound. One one Exists. You cannot Resist. Be a Siren!

-Siren Skirts™


  • Narrine Anderson

    That is a very beautiful skirt, i love skirt, i wear nothing but skirt all year round, please let me know where i can get beutiful skirts to buy

    • admin

      Dear Narrine,
      I am so sorry to be getting back to you so so terribly late. I had no idea of this comment feature. Word Press is all so new to me, and I am learning as I go. By accident, I just saw this.
      You can see what I have in store currently at
      Please let me know if there is anything you like. I would like to extend a courtesy discount of 20% to you for your first order with me.
      Best to you,
      Monique Guzman
      Siren Skirts