Siren Skirts Competing in Sponsor Me Award Eco-Designer 2013

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Siren Skirts has made it through the 4 rounds and now is competing via social media. With enough votes, the designer Monique Guzmán, will move on and present her collection in the prestigious Congress Centre in London Aug 7th.  She is the only American designer competing amoungst many from London, Sri Lanka, Berlin, France, Norway, & China.

Monique plans to rock them with a collection themed “Art in Nature” coincidently themed most prefectly with this competion aimed at eco-designers who are environmentally, and globally conscientious entrepreneurs.  Siren Skirts throws nothing away.  All her pieces are unique and exclusive and named like a painting.  Staying true to her mission, all her remnants are then redesigned to make new one of kind designs.


Monique, a Chilean-Mexican first born American to immigrant parents, loves life & the earth.  She shares her vision of protecting and caring for the earth both at work and at home with her children.  This Latina plans to hold nothing back with sexy silhouettes and a surprise of fantasy.  Voting:

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